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Guildhall for All - The Complete Set

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Guildhall for All - The Complete Set

Own the complete Guildhall collection at an amazing price.

In Guildhall, players play different colored profession cards into their guildhalls, each which grants a special ability to build your own guildhalls or to tear down your opponents' guildhalls. As players collect different colors in each profession, the abilities on the profession cards increase in power and usefulness. When a player collects one of each of the 5 colors of a given profession they may trade that completed guildhall for a victory point cards, which have abilities of their own and grant victory points to the player. The first player to collect 20 points is the winner.

These four fully stand-alone sets of Guildhall give you different experiences with varying professions and powers.  And you can mix and match from all four sets for even more variety.

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