Poker-Sized Premium Sleeves (500) 2nd Generation for Customer Service

20.00 Ounces
Maximum Purchase:
8 units


We will have more sleeves for upgrades after we've finished fulfilling the New Horizons Kickstarter (now underway) and even more sleeves in 2021 after the next full production run. We will continue to communicate with backers of the First & Second Thunderstone Quest Kickstarters until everyone's Sleeve needs have been addressed.

All of the Sleeves made for the first Kickstarter are 1st Generation sleeves. All of the sleeves made for the second and third Kickstarter are 2nd Generation sleeves. All the sleeves we make going forward will be 2nd Generation sleeves.

All backers of the first Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter got 1st Generation sleeves. We don't make them any longer. So those backers may want to replace their 1st generation sleeves with 2nd generation sleeves.

(During the second Kickstarter we made 2nd Generation sleeves. Some Backers of the second Kickstarter got 2nd Gen sleeves, some got 1st Gen sleeves, and some got a mix of 1st and 2nd Gen sleeves).

We will be making more 2nd Generation sleeves - this will not be the only time you will be able to get them.

We currently have a fairly limited number of 2nd Generation sleeves in our warehouse in Tennessee. We are offering these sleeves to help backers get all their sleeves in synch. First we're going to offer them to backers of the first Kickstarter; then if we have any left we'll offer them to backers of the second Kickstarter (who may have a mixture of generations).

WE WILL BE MAKING MORE 2nd GENERATION SLEEVES, so even if all the sleeves are have are claimed before you are able to order, we'll eventually have more of them. We will have another small supply after we've finished fulfilling the third Kickstarter (underway now), and then a lot more in 2021 when the next production run is made.

If you have questions about the process for replacing 1st Generation sleeves acquired in the first Thunderstone Quest kickstarter you can email for more information.