Poker-Sized Premium Sleeves (500) 2nd Generation US ONLY

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6 units
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Orders for this item eligible only to residents of the United States.

(will not ship to US Territories [USVI, Puerto Rico, Guam, etc.)

These are replacement sleeves for customers of the 1st and 2nd Thunderstone Quest Kickstarters. They are not to be purchased by customers who do not have a coupon code.

That coupon code was emailed to the address of record of your account for your Kickstarter order. If you backed either the first or second Thunderstone Quest Kickstarters and you did not receive that email please contact for assistance.

This is a 500 pack of sleeves. Maximum 6 units per customer. Cannot be shipped outside the United States. Does not ship to US Territories (USVI, Puerto Rico, Guam, etc.)

Image is not representative of actual item - comes in a clear plastic outer wrap.