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Scorpius Freighter Special Price for US Orders (2nd bloc)

$59.99 $30.00
(You save $29.99)
72.00 Ounces
Maximum Purchase:
1 unit
Free Shipping
Scorpius Freighter Special Price for US Orders (2nd bloc)

A new Science Fiction Universe from AEG!

In Scorpius Freighter, you are trying to gain fame and fortune by moving goods and providing services to the people. This involves not only legal activities like fulfilling contracts and increasing your freighter’s capacities, but also taking on side deals, moving items below the radar, and avoiding “official” notice. 



The rush of orders for Scorpius on the first day of this special offer crashed our e-mail system.  Well Done!!  We have sold through the product allocated for this initial marketing push.  We have allocated a second wave of product but the price for this wave will be $30.00.

This item is available for purchase only for delivery in the continental United States (excludes Alaska, Hawaii and US Territories). If you have any questions about availability please email