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Dead Reckoning 1st Printing Upgrade Kit (English/French/German)

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This product contains replacement cards (in English, French and German) and additional components for the 1st printing of Dead Reckoning for backers of our first campaign only. This upgrade kit is not needed for anyone who is purchasing Dead Reckoning now or who purchased it through our 2nd campaign, Letters of Marque.



20 Cubes (5 cubes in each player color)

8 Buildings (2 Forts, 2 Garrisons, and 4 Outposts)

20 Achievement Tokens (5 tokens in each player color)

4 Pirate mode markers (1 marker in each player color)

5 Advancement Cards for the base game (in English, French and German)

4 Advancement Cards for Saga 1: Deep Legends (in English, French and German)

Update Booklet