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Shake that City KS Upgrade Pack (Wild Nights Expansion + Social Goals)

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You’ve been hard at work designing the best city blocks. Now it’s time to get a little wild! To shake things up, we’re throwing a twist into our beloved Cube Shaker: 8 wild cubes that will present a new challenge in picking the building patterns for your new nightlife-lovin’ city!
This is not a complete game. A copy of Shake That City is required to play Wild Nights.

Wild Nights adds a set of new Wild Cubes to the mix. Add these 8 white cubes one at a time to the Cube Shaker for the first 8 rounds. When dispersed into the 3 x 3 pattern, players can assign them to match the color of any other cube also in the pattern. All players have a choice to add the Wild Cubes to their chosen color. Choose carefully because Wild Cubes that come out of the shaker are not returned!
This also includes the following social goals earned through the Kickstarter campaign:
  • Shake That City bookmarks
  • Shake That City stickers
  • Shake That City postcards
  • 5 paper Tile Trays